With close to a quarter century of experience in business management, training, and facilitation, Sonia brings a world of experiences in both the for-profit and nonprofit arenas to her work.

Areas of facilitation expertise:

Mission, Vision, Value statements

  • Mission, Vision, Value statement development for organizations.
  • Mission statement development for departments of organizations.
  • Roll out plans for introducing the Mission, Vision, and Value statements to a department, board of directors, or an entire organization.
  • How to strategically use your existing Mission, Vision, or  Value statements.
  • Creating goals from Mission, Vision, and Value statements.

Strategic Planning

  • Yearly and/or long-term Mission driven strategic plans.
  • Goal creation for teams or organizations.
  • SWOT evaluations.

 Human Resources

  • Hiring practices.
  • Evaluation practices.
  • Job descriptions and qualifications.

Employee Relationships

  • Building and reviving Team relationships.
  • Conflict Resolution within teams and between team members.


  • Leadership Coaching.
  • Employee Coaching and development planning.
  • Co-worker relationship coaching.


  • Works with teams, or organizations on their Wellbeing plans and execution. The basis for this work is Gallup’s book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements.


Here is what one of my customers says:

               ” Sonia was teaching staff development classes at the college when I met her.  I had just became the first ever Dean of The Institute for the Culinary Arts.  The number of staff and faculty was expanding greatly, student enrollment was growing 20% a year, and a new building was ready to open.   

Although we were a group of  highly skilled individuals,  we were not a team.  We did not have a clear common vision, mission statement, nor goals.   Although we were all working hard as individuals, we were sometimes working against other members of the team.

Sonia has worked with us for 5 years.  We now have a clear, well defined, common mission, defined values, and a consistent vision.  All of the faculty and staff now understand the importance of valuing each other’s strengths.  Sonia has not only worked with us as a group, but she has also worked with individuals to assist them to become true team members.

 She has worked tirelessly to pull us together as a group, and understand our individual roles.  Her excellent development classes, teamwork sessions, seminars, and retreats were what we needed.

Sonia insights and understanding of teamwork are second to none.  Her classes and teaching style make people sit up and pay attention.”

–Jim Trebbien, Dean of the ICA  Metropolitan Community College,  Omaha, NE.


For more information on the above types of consulting or questions regarding your unique situation, contact me.

Organizations with whom Sonia has consulted:

Fashion Cleaners

Nebraska Arts Council

Nebraska Shakespeare

Creighton University Business Institute

Midwest Geriatrics

Metropolitan Community College

Dr. Jerry Wagner’s, Inspired Organizational Cultures and WB Innovations

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