Facilitation and Training

Facilitation is the art of working with a group of individuals to share ideas in a learning environment to meet stated goals.

Sonia has been facilitating and training adult learners for nearly twenty-five years. She understand the adult learner’s unique needs in a learning environment. She knows that each individual brings their personal field of experiences with them and those experiences enhance the learning of the individual and the group.

Training and Facilitation are two different things, yet if learning is approached with a facilitation mindset each individual participant can become a part of the learning and teaching process. Such an outlook creates a more engaging environment and creates better long-term retention.

Facilitation and Training topics

(If you don’t see an area you are interested in or in need of, please Contact Sonia, additional topics or subsets of these topics can be developed to meet your organization’s specific and unique needs).

Team building

Creating a Team Culture

Creative Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Dealing with difficult people

Decision Making

Time Management


Goal Setting

Job Advancement

Resume Writing

Interview Skills

Interviewing for Leaders

Influential Leadership

Stress Management

Customer Service

Presentation Skills for non-trainers

Improving our presentation skills

Motivating team members

Consensus Building

Personal Networking

Personal mission statements

Communication skills

Listening skills

Giving and receiving feedback

Creating, Writing, and delivering evaluations

Working with different Generations


Sample Training/Facilitation outline

  • I like to use a lot of images/quotes to help make my trainings interesting and help bring points home.
  • All activities will be geared to the level of participant—all with training objectives behind them.
  • Engagement is a big part of my adult learning concept.
  • This training session could be broken into two half days, or into two hour segments.

Conflict Management

Full-Day (6.5 hours)

Welcome (5)

Introduction of training and of training participants with intro question or activity (30)

An activity meant to take the temperature of the group, where they are with the topic, what they know, questions they have, how prepared they are for the session, might be an activity that will highlight the topic, etc.

Introduction of Conflict Management (90)

What is conflict?

How to find out what is the real problem?

Causes of team conflict

Attitudes to dissolve conflict (with examples and short activities)

15 minute break

How to deal with difficult people

How to separate people from problems/conflicts

The importance of focusing on interests (maybe reframing, too)

Consensus Guidelines and Procedures

Listening the forgotten skill (45)

Self-scoring Listening quiz

Listening practice with techniques in small groups

Lunch (60)

Welcome back, short review of morning material (5)

Review of Basic Human Communication (45)

Verbal and Non-verbal communication (body language and a short discussion of written communication would be covered here)

Creating a Conflict Resolution meeting (45)

Steps for a Conflict Resolution meeting

Practice Conflict Resolution meeting

Giving and Receiving Feedback (45)

What is Feedback?

What good feedback does?

Corrective Feedback

Steps for Giving and Receiving Feedback with explanations

15 minute Break

Feedback Cont’d (60)

Toothpaste Confidence activity (Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?)

Practice Giving and Receiving Feedback in three person round robin groups (great if we had actually scenarios)

Debrief Giving and Receiving practice

Final questions/thoughts (15)

Conclusion with take-a-ways from training participants

Thank you and good byes


Jim Trebbin, Dean of the ICA, at Metropolitan Community College says,

Sonia insights and understanding of teamwork are second to none.  Her classes and teaching style make people sit up and pay attention.”

Company’s and Organizations Sonia has done Training and Facilitation for,

AIM Institute

Omaha Public Schools

Concord Mediation Center

Nebraska Workforce Development

Fashion Cleaners

Professional Veterinary Product, Ltd.

Douglas County Conciliation Court

Nebraska Arts CouncilMidwest GeriatricsWB Innovations

Creighton University Business Institute

OIOATA-Omaha Chapter National Nursing honor sorority

Metropolitan Community College

Nebraska Shakespeare

ASTD-Nebraska (American Society of Training and Development)

SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals)

N.A.M. (Non-profit Association of the Midlands)

Union Pacific Railroad

For more information or questions regarding facilitation and training contact me to discuss your organization’s needs.