Creative Decision Making

How can you make a creative decision when you are answering questions like these; Paper or Plastic? Windows open or air conditioning? Dress up or casual? Get up when the alarm goes off or snooze? Cookie or apple?

Decisions, you make hundreds of them every day. Whether you think deeply about each one or they are just an automatic reaction to a life situation, they are a part of our lives—and businesses. Do you enjoy making decisions and solving problems or is it a fact of life that you try to avoid? How we feel about making decisions and solving problems will determine how easily we can make decisions that are positive for our businesses or decisions that lead to more challenges.

Believe it or not there are some steps to make decision more comfortable and a more concise process. The steps, if followed can make the entire process, if not more pleasant at least easier to work through.

Creative Decision Making Steps:

Identify the Problem.
Brainstorm Solutions.

Investigate options and their consequences.

Decide and Act.

Evaluate the decision.

Looking for more ways to make creative decision and solve problems, Contact Sonia Keffer to schedule a coaching session or training for your organization.

April 2016 Lunch and Learn Training Session

I have created a series of training sessions that I am facilitating over the lunch hour this year. My April Session is on Time Management and Delegation skills. Everyone has some method for managing appointments, meetings, and projects, but what about the rest of the time. Do you have control of the rest of your 86,400 seconds each day, or do you feel as if they just slip away from you? This session will help you identify specific skills you can use right away to begin to control your time better and feel more in-control and productive.


Just follow this link, for more information and to register for this timely learning opportunity.

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Sonia Keffer: Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Author, GrowthWheel Advisor

Sonia has been developing and facilitating employee-training workshops for twenty years. A main focus of Sonia’s work is the internal motivation that is necessary for all of us to be truly successful. Being passionate about her work she enjoys bringing new ideas to all levels of employees and seeing the spark ignite in someone when they understand how to incorporate a new concept into their own personal and professional life. Sonia has been fortunate enough to work across the United States with such organizations as the county of Orange, California, the City and county of San Francisco, Stearns-Benton Workforce Center and On With Life. In Omaha. Sonia has worked with such terrific organizations as Fashion Cleaners, Concord Center, Omaha Public Schools, Omaha Tri-county Workforce Development, Henningsen Foods, Inc., PVPL, the Nebraska Arts Council, the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival and NAM and SBAM.


In 1999, after eight years of working as a communications consultant for Curtis and Associates, Inc., Sonia’s position was downsized, and Sonia Keffer and Associates, was for all intents and purposes, born. The consulting and training work that Keffer had been doing in the Welfare reform industry made for an easy transition to consulting and facilitating in the business arena. Keffer worked with both small and large organizations to fulfill training and consulting needs in the Omaha, NE metropolitan area. She cultivated every networking connection she was lucky enough to be introduced into. In 2000, Sonia met business owner, facilitator, and Trainer, Michael Mitilier. This one connection has allowed Keffer to share her facilitation, mentoring, and training skills along larger lines. Including, in 2014, Keffer’s first book was published, A Guide to Developing Mission, Vision, and Value Statements, for WriteLife Publishing.

Welcome to my site. Feel free to explore the pages to the left. In them you will find more information about the work that I do in the areas of consulting, facilitation and training, business coaching, and about my recently published book.

I look forward to helping your business become what you dream it can be, please contact me to discuss ways in which I can help.



Join me for an informative luncheon

Sonia Keffer
Sonia Keffer

On February 17, 2015 I will the guest speaker at Omaha’s, Heartland Women’s Network, monthly luncheon. I will be speaking about how to start and grow your own business and will share information about how the GrowthWheel program helps entrepreneurs and business owners of all types.

This link leads to the Women’s Heartland Network website,

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