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Organizational Mission Statements have been my pet project for over twenty years. It all started during my first professional, out of college, job. I worked for a small consulting company that provided welfare to work training to persons receiving benefits from state governments. This small company, only 60 employees when I started in 1992, had a strong foundation in its Mission and Guiding Principles. Not only was it shared with new employees during orientation, but it was to be memorized and recited at all team and company meetings. I often joke, I thought I’d joined a cult. Yet, the organization’s mission drove everything that happened inside the business. From daily operations in the offices where job search workshops and eventually case management services were carried out, to larger contractual agreements and decisions whether to expand our reach into other states. I saw, firsthand, how powerful the mission statement can be for an organization.

From the beginning, I have made mission, vision, and value statements priorities in every customer contact I have. I believe that if the organization, at every level understands that the company mission statement is their job description then they can accomplish all of their goals and more.

It was in 2011 that the idea of a book was proposed by my good friend and college of Rule of Thumb, Michael Mitilier. I was hesitant but excited. Thus began a three-year journey that culminated in my book, A Guide to developing Mission, Vision and Value Statements. The book is more than just reasons why the statements are important, it is truly a “how to” guide. Beyond helping the reader work through the development of the statements, the book offers practical advice on how to use the statements in everyday business situations.

For an excerpt click the book image:

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To learn more about having me help your business develop its Mission, Vision, and value statements contact me to begin a discussion.

You will find my book at the retailers below. Just click on the image and it will take you to my book’s page.


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