Creative Decision Making

How can you make a creative decision when you are answering questions like these; Paper or Plastic? Windows open or air conditioning? Dress up or casual? Get up when the alarm goes off or snooze? Cookie or apple?

Decisions, you make hundreds of them every day. Whether you think deeply about each one or they are just an automatic reaction to a life situation, they are a part of our lives—and businesses. Do you enjoy making decisions and solving problems or is it a fact of life that you try to avoid? How we feel about making decisions and solving problems will determine how easily we can make decisions that are positive for our businesses or decisions that lead to more challenges.

Believe it or not there are some steps to make decision more comfortable and a more concise process. The steps, if followed can make the entire process, if not more pleasant at least easier to work through.

Creative Decision Making Steps:

Identify the Problem.
Brainstorm Solutions.

Investigate options and their consequences.

Decide and Act.

Evaluate the decision.

Looking for more ways to make creative decision and solve problems, Contact Sonia Keffer to schedule a coaching session or training for your organization.

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